Between Earth And Sky




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Between Earth and Sky is a heartfelt and moving adult contemporary music album played with flute and guitar, which is reflective and unfolds in a variety of moods. Contemplative and intensely captivating, this music evokes a primal quality which captures and releases the imagination.

Album Details

  • Name: Between Earth and Sky

  • Original Release Date: May 9, 1995

  • Label: Villaloba Music, Inc`

  • Copyright: (C) 1997 Villaloba Music, Inc

  • Total Length: 47:40

  • Genres: New Age/Meditation, Pop/Easy Listening


Track Listing

  1. Between Earth and Sky (Ryan)2:52

  2. Angels (Ryan & Kaplan)4:32

  3. Tarantella (Kaplan)3:09

  4. Just Passed Me By (Kaplan)4:06

  5. Irish Farewell (Ryan)4:20

  6. Encuentros (Kaplan)4:57

  7. Reverie (Ryan)3:41

  8. Rondo (Ryan)3:19

  9. Sunset Solitude (Kaplan)3:45

10. Love (Ryan)3:01

11. Home (Kaplan)4:07

12. Malaguena (Arr. Ryan & Kaplan)5:51

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Here is what people are saying about “Between Earth and Sky”:

Fabulous musicI Michael and Adam are brilliant together!  5 stars! Nicky


I own all of Michael’s albums!  He is such an inspiration in my own musical endeavors. This album truly moved me.  – Erin S.