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  • Release Date:

  • Label: Villa-Loba Music

  • Genres: Classical Guitar

  • Recorded at: Joy, Ontario, Canada and Sorrow Studio, Cambria, California.

  • Artists:
    Michael Ryan- vocals and guitar
    Ken Soderlund- back up vocals, guitar
    Hai Muradian- back up vocals, flute, recorders, penny whistle, whistling, guitar
    Martie Echito-, back up vocals, bass, guitar, drums, percussion, keyboards, B3 organ, accordion, synthesized string pads.



I Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You
Music and Words: Martie Echito

Music: Michael Ryan;
Words: Michael Ryan, Georgia Webb, James Smith, Sahdu Singh Wallace and John Blevin

Love Trembles
Music: Michael Ryan
Words: Michael Ryan, Tracy Goveratori and Hai Muradian

Ryans Hornpipe
Music: Michael Ryan

Rain Is A Fallin
Music: Michael Ryan
Words: Michael Ryan and Nancy Wing

Man From Old Bretheim
Music and Words: Michael Ryan

Your Song Is In The Wind
Music: Michael Ryan
Words: Michael Ryan, Tracy Governatori and Steve Kinzie

Music: Michael Ryan,
Words: Michael ryan, Nancy Wing and Diane Carver

Heaven Help Me
Music Michael Ryan
Words: Michael Ryan, Nancy Wing, Diane Carver and Devan Thyme

Travelin Man
Music: Michael Ryan
Words: Michael Ryan and Hai Muradian

Mists Of Glenna
Music: Michael Ryan
Words: Frederick Baumann

Being With You
Music and Words: John Blevins

As Loving You
Music: Michael Ryan and Ken Soderlund
Words: Anonymous from a Sufi Chant
Words of the bridge section: Michael Ryan
Copyright by Michael Ryan (2010)
Arrangements by Martie Echito
Graphic design by Mary Stoddard
Cover photo by Christine Wichert
Recorded at Joy and Sorrow Studios
Mastered at ABACAB Multimedia Inc.

Produced by Michael Ryan and Frederick Baumann

Published by Villa Loba Music (ASCAP)
Except for “I Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You”, Joy and Sorrow Publishing (ASCAP)

Record label: Villa Loba Music
112 Harvard Avenue #278
Claremont Ca 91711