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Romance is deeply rooted in classical guitar tradition.

Album Details

  • Name: Romance

  • Release Date: Jun 24, 2003

  • Label: Villa-Loba Music

  • Genres: Classical Guitar

  • Recorded at: Joy, Ontario, Canada and Sorrow Studio, Cambria, California.

  • Artists:
    Michael Ryan – guitar
    Alan Waddington – drums
    Dion Sorrell – cello, bass
    Ken Soderland – guitar
    Martie Echito – keyboards
    Ron Powell – percussion
    Adam Kaplan – flute

 Song Title


 1. Romance2:37

 2. Mists of Glenna4:10

 3. Boureé1:48

 4. Aria2:14

 5. Rondo2:08

 6. Greensleeves12

 7. Between Earth and Sky3:14

 8. Minuet3:11

 9. Adelita1:19

10. Lagrima2:13

11. Recuerdos de la Alhambra3:19

12. Hungarian Cafe3:26

13. Leyenda6:16

14. Irish Farewell3:01

15. Malaguena5:35


This CD is wonderful!  All the great classical guitar songs are here and some of Michael’s own work as well.  I am going to search for more right now!- Julia H.

I purchased this for my wife, Glenna, because of the second piece on the CD, “Mists of Glenna”. She was not disappointed and neither was I. Beautiful guitar work; very intricate playing. – David G.