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Michael Ryan's Musical Journal

Michael Ryan's Musical Journal is dedicated to helping its readers find a deeper understanding of the importance of music as an expression of self and how music can transcend language barriers and cultures to create a unique concert experience. Through this musical journal, I will explain the dimensions which drive my love for the art of musical expression in the form of concert performance. Through the use of photos, concert reviews, interviews with artists, comment and answer forums, and brief video clips, I will provide insight into why and how I work to present concerts to local and international communities alike.

(photo from:

Music has the power to evoke powerful emotions and transcend language barriers amongst many different peoples. Give thought to the message that is being conveyed and what influence that message can carry.

As a musician, I give the audience a view into another place and time. Through the accompaniment of various talented artists, I attempt to convey the beauty and mystery of the Spanish guitar and the influence of romance in its performance. We take the listener to the South Atlantic coast where the beautiful waters caress the beaches of Rio. The bouncing rhythms and the loud colors all come together on stage as the professional dancers treat us to displays of spicy sambas and bassa novas.

(photo from: A Night In Rio Concert- August 28, 2013)

With the change of scenery we give you a taste of the Irish culture. We are introduced to both happy tunes of fun times and more somber songs of lost loves.

I live for music and the experience of performance. My hope is to bring the ever rewarding gift of appreciation of music to my listeners through my participation in concert performances at various events worldwide. Music can help us through our rough patches and helps us to celebrate the joyous occasions in life. When we enter the concert arena, I have the opportunity to take you on a musical voyage with me and share in the common experience of the performance itself. I love attempting to show the audience all that the music is trying to convey while staying true to the culture in which the music originates.

So, if you are interested in joining me in developing a world view of music and exploring our role in this global community, please join me for this musical journey!

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