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Seasons Tidings!

Seasons Greetings! I love this time of year. There is excitement everywhere and even though life seems to move a lot quicker, there is always time for the delicious warm smells in the air, and many places are decorated with deep colors and pretty lights. During this time of year there are many different cultures celebrating holidays and events. We would like to spotlight the countries from which our music originates in this special holiday issue of Michael Ryan Music News!


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Brazilians tend to observe the 25th of December as a family day and many nativity scenes are commonly placed throughout. The weather is a little warmer in Brazil during this time and Papai Noel, a Santa Claus character dressed in silk clothing, visits each child and brings gifts. The festivities continue until the start of January and then begin again with the Carnival celebration.


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The Germans celebrate Christmas by attending church services, caroling, and spending time with loved ones. Decorative candle holders with metal scenes depicting Christmas tales and historical community events are arranged in the Ore Mountains of Saxony. And did you know that the Christmas tree originates with German culture?


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The Christmas season in Ireland begins in early December and is similar to the Christmas celebrated in the United States. Jolly old Saint Nick delivers the presents to each girl and boy, but he leaves the presents in their rooms instead of all under the tree.


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In Spain, Christmas is observed similarly to the celebrations in the United States with a focus turned to the family. Historically celebrated in the home, the more modern Christmas gatherings take place in restaurants with bars opening later in the night. The New Year celebration of wine drinking is accompanied with the consumption of one grape per tick on the clock at midnight.

Come visit my Christmas Website for a little more holiday cheer:

Thank you to all of our readers and we hope that you have a heart warming holiday season!

Take care,


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