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Spring is Here!

Spring is here and we are excited to welcome the warm weather and all the fun that comes along with it! Historically, Spring has been celebrated during the vernal equinox for it's fertility and rebirth; which is why the bunny became the commercial symbol of Easter. It is the season of Spring Break from schools and the start of concert and festival season.

In Mexico, there are several celebrations surrounding the Spring Equinox. The actual day of equinox usually occurs between March 19-21, with Easter occurring on the first Sunday after the Full moon following the equinox; this year Easter falls on April 20! The children of Mexico participate in a spring parade and even dress as animals and flowers. An interesting spectacle is the casting of a shadow which appears as a snake on the steps of the Kulkulkan Temple. The shadow snake can be seen slithering for about an hour a day during the days around the equinox.



Thailand has a fun and engaging Buddhist celebration shortly after the equinox for the Thai New Year which involves a lot of water! Family, friends and strangers all gather together on a Sunday to splash each other with water in the Songkran Water Festival to cleanse each other of bad luck from the previous year.


The White House is hosting its 136th annual Easter Egg Roll on April 21, 2014. It is open to 30,000 guests and will involve several sport-related activities as well as reading and cooking stations. The theme this year is "Hop into Healthy, Swing into Shape" which is part of the First Lady's Let's Move! initiative. A poster competition accepting submissions with this slogan from elementary and middle schools will result in the First Lady's choice being displayed during the event. The Easter Egg Roll will also have collector's eggs available with one special addition illustrated with the dogs of the White House.


There are non-religious festivals and celebrations taking place in the United States as well! The series of Carnegie Hall concerts entitled Spring for Music 2014 has a special deal now available online! The concerts begin in May and the ticket prices are discounted when one purchases tickets to all six concerts. If you are independently wealthy and have the free time to travel around the country to listen to beautiful music, you can click here to visit the site!!!

I hope that you all enjoy your Spring time celebrations!

Take Care,


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