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Helping Women to Find Their Own Voice – House of Ruth


In honor of the fundraising concert this Saturday, we have found a TED talk about empowering women to find their own voice and end their abuse. The talk was given by Esta Soler in December 2013 at the TED WOMEN Expo, in San Francisco, California. The event hosted many speakers who told of inventions, life experiences, and innovative ideas for peace. The very caring and selfless pioneer, Esta Soler, began her work in the 1980’s, giving victims of domestic violence a very important picture of their bruises to document the necessary evidence for a second chance at a peaceful life.

In 1994, she had a hand in passing the Violence Against Women Act which helped to change the views toward domestic abuse and the penalties for sexual offenders and abusers of women. The Violence Against Women Act was amended and reauthorized in 2013. You can CLICK HERE to read more about the history and legislation of the Violence Against Women Act.

The TED WOMEN Expo can be viewed HERE. And the talk by Esta Soler can be found HERE.

Esta Soler and her relentless effort to bring the unspeakable to the forefront has aided in making an incredible difference for women and children throughout the entire country. She is still pushing forward and continuing to incite positive change and inspiring others to become involved in helping women and children to heal and to see economic empowerment.

The House of Ruth Fundraising Concert, “Songs from the Heart”, will take place at the University of La Verne. You can click here to RSVP and purchase your tickets.

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