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My Return From Peter Und Paul Fest 2015

I had another wonderful experience at Peter Und Paul Fest in Bretten, Germany this past summer. I left the United States in early July and landed safely on German soil eager to begin the festivities! The Festival has been running nearly 500 years and yet I’m still just as excited to visit and engage as my first time attending almost ten years ago.

Each summer the town of Bretten, Germany plays host to a cavalcade of medieval tourists and performing musicians. Beginning in 1504, this cultural celebration has adopted and developed a large variety of time-period related activities. Children and adults of all ages flock to the pleasant town to enjoy the cultural representation of their heritage and engage in numerous events while listening to the sounds of the Renaissance Era. Ken and I are granted the pleasure of not only attending, but also participating in bringing this historical event to life!

You can view the official website for Peter und Paul Fest HERE .

Here’s a little more information about the Peter Und Paul Festival:

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